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Unleash the Power of Your Artistry

New York: Spring 2022

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Immerse yourself in a TWO-DAY educational event alongside like-minded artists


Hands-On Classes that allow students to deep dive into 1 of 3 subjects: The Lost Art of Texture, Passion, Profit & Purpose or Advanced Color.

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The Business of You. This is where the Magic Starts to happen.

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Covet & Mane at its core is a collaborative brand that works to leave space to honor the knowledge amongst our Collective of Artists.

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Meet Your Educators

We are excited to have each of our educators across all regions in attendance to The Experience NYC!

Ian Sannicolas


National Educator

Taylor Blades


Regional Educator- West Coast

Sassy Medchill


Regional Educator- Central

Katy Afxentiou


Regional Educator - East Coast

Danita Hampton


Regional Educator- East Coast

Diana Hylton


Regional Educator- East Coast

Candice Motley


National Director of Education


This event is by invitation only by application process. Limited spots are available.

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